Dr. Noreen Connolly O'Prey

Dr. Noreen Connolly O’Prey, Ed.D (Professional Doctorate in Education Leadership), M.Sc, (Master’s in Education Management and Training) and BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies) is a Researcher, Tutor and Consultant.

Over the last three years she has been tutor to eight class groups of Start Your Own Business QQI Level 5 students with an excellent success rate. She has also tutored on the QQI Level 5 Entrepreneurial and Enterprise Studies courses. Since November 2014 she has tutored QQI Level 6 students on the Supply Chain Logistics course modules in TEAM Leadership, Finance and Management, Personal and Professional Development and Career and Education. She has also fifteen years’ experience of lecturing to students on the two year IMI Certificate in Supervisory Management course. 

She herself is an entrepreneur having set up her own business as a professional educational consultant.  She is hugely committed to adult education and lifelong learning and researches extensively in this area. 

She has extensive experience in education administration in the further education sector where she has worked and researched extensively for her Professional Doctorate in Education Leadership and her Master’s in Education Management and Training. She was successful in her first bid to write a paper on ‘best practices in management and administration’. Her thesis for her primary degree was based on the learning experiences of adult students. She has also extensive knowledge in Higher Education Policy following her Post-Doctoral research in the Higher Education Research Centre (HERC) of DCU. She is registered with the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Professional Education Services

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