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Dr. Noreen Connolly O'Prey

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Professional Education Services

Education Services

Education & Training Services

Start your own Business, Supply Chain Logistic Management, Front Line Management (Effective People Management)

Personal & Professional Development

Providing courses in Management, Leadership, Change Management, Communication, Presentation Skills

Professional Network Service for school Administrators

Professional Network Service for School Administrators / School Secretaries
New Project

Professional Education Services

Research and Development, Thesis writing service and Career and Education

About Me

Dr. Noreen Connolly O’Prey holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership (Ed.D.), a Master’s in Education Management and Training (M.Sc) and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS). She currently works as an Educational Researcher, Tutor and Consultant.  
Noreen has twenty-nine years’ experience of working as an administrator and part-time teacher in the further education sector. This included sixteen years in school administration, eight years in Human Resource Management and five years in Curriculum Development. 
Dr. Connolly O’Prey has seventeen years’ experience of teaching business and management subjects to students from the public, private and service sectors  
She has worked as a Post-Doctoral Researcher on Higher Education Policy at the Higher Education Research Centre (HERC) of Dublin City University (DCU). Dr. Connolly O’Prey is an Associate of HERC


What I do best ........

Career and Education in Business / Management

Project / Change Management / Supply Chain Logistics

Professional Network Servives for School Administrators

Research and Consultancy

Course design, development & delivery

Business / Education Management & Training

Start your own Business, Training & Consultancy

Thesis / Report Writing

Personal & Professional Development

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